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A popular way of conserving space is getting in touch with a wall bed company in New York City. One easy way that people have been making the best use of their floor space has been with the use disappearing folding wall beds. This happens to be a great choice for people lacking space that want to be able to turn their living area into a spacious environment. Considering the rising price of real estate, having a Murphy bed in New York City is the most cost-effective choice for residents there.

Murphy Bed New York City

On top of saving a great deal of space, wall beds in NYC provide several other great advantages. Fitting in with your home decor isn’t an issue, because a Murphy bed will go great with any home furnishings you might already own. They make wonderful guest beds, when there’s no extra room. It’s easy to fit your bed in the wall or cabinet. Also, they are able to easily transform any room into an instant comfortable bedroom.

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You can find a number of renowned companies selling wall beds in NYC, but Murphy Bed Express has a long-standing reputation for quality of product and service. We are one of the top companies in that sell great grade folding beds in NYC. The company’s creator possesses over two and a half decades of experience in the furniture industry. Murphy Bed Express has dedicated itself to offering quality and excellent customer service to meet the needs of NYC residents. We’re famous for being among city’s most trusted and reliable wall bed suppliers. Our facilities for manufacturing are housed in New York, with the main design facility being found in the Historic Chelsea section of NYC. So if you’re in the looking for the best wall bed supplier in Hell’s Kitchen NYC, stop by today!

Wall Bed Company NYC

At Murphy Bed Express, a top Murphy bed company in New York City, we know that function isn’t everything, but that trendiness and style are vital as well. This is why we make beds with a sense of style as well as utility. A wide selection of sizes and designs are available for you to make your selection. With the company’s great variety of Murphy beds, you can surely find perfect contemporary wall bed for every room in your house. And if you’re still experiencing difficulty, we can provide a great deal of advanced options for customization so you will definitely walk away happy. This is what makes us the finest choice for a Murphy bed supplier in New York City.

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There are many reasons why Murphy Bed Express is your first choice for a wall bed supplier in NYC. We always have units in stock as we manufacture Murphy beds and cabinets in our own factory. We offer cabinetry that is guaranteed for two years, while the wall bed mechanism is guaranteed for ten. Seasoned and professional experts are waiting at Murphy Bed Express to assist you at any time.

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