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Among the best choices you can make for your living area is shopping for wall beds in NYC. It’s quite expensive if you wish to reside in New York City, New York, and the already high rent is constantly rising. The regrettable fact is you get what you pay for; a lot of people are living in small studio apartments that are extremely tight on space. This is the reason people have to find creative and innovative ways to get the most from the space they have. This would be where Murphy Bed Express can help you. Reducing the amount of real estate used by the bed is one of the greatest ways to save space, given that your bed is typically one of the most space consuming pieces of furniture you have. This is why Murphy beds excel. When you decide you want a Murphy bed in New York City, check out Murphy Bed Express.

Murphy Beds New York City

Murphy Bed Express is here to help you find a Murphy wall bed system which has many uses, including a wall bed, fold out bed, desk wall bed, or even a basic bed that folds into the wall. There are lots of forms the modern Murphy bed can be found in. It may be a bed that folds down from a wall, a bed that folds into the wall, a desk wall bed that literally folds out of a desk, a cabinet or armoire bed which will fold out and be packed away again easily. The greatest thing to shopping at Murphy Bed Express is that we have are so many types of economical Murphy beds to choose from if you are not willing or able to spend too much on one of the higher priced ones. When you’re trying to find a wall bed supplier in New York City, there is no one better to call.

Murphy Bed New York City

There’s a reason why wall beds in NYC have become so popular. Lots of NYC college campuses have discovered the benefits of using Murphy beds to create extra room for student dorms, a reality that has caught on in many NYC apartments. These beds are often so well hidden that people will not even notice them until they are physically shown where they are. And if this wasn’t enough, they are rather low maintenance. There is even a portable Murphy bed model available just to make it even more convenient! To be more space efficient in your house, Murphy beds also make the perfect guest beds.

Wall Bed New York City

Murphy beds in NYC have a strong history. Due to their relative low cost and their space efficiency, a lot of people during the Great Depression turned to the Murphy bed, which was invented in 1900 by Dr. William Murphy. Lots of buildings all over areas of New York City, New York had Murphy beds in them. Considering that the things that made them so well loved in the first place are still applicable now, the popularity of the Murphy bed has endured quite well. Finding a trusted wall bed company in New York City is going to save you money by saving you space.

Wall Bed Company New York City

There are a number of choices for a wall bed store in NYC, but Murphy Bed Express the longest standing tradition for quality of product and service. We are one of the best companies in that sell top quality wall beds in Midtown NYC. Our company’s founder has more than 25 years of experience in the furniture industry. Murphy Bed Express’s main goal is providing excellent and quality customer service to make life easier for residents of NYC. We are one of the city’s most reputable and trusted wall bed suppliers. Our manufacturing facilities are located in New York, while the main design facility is found in the Historic Chelsea section of NYC.

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