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An increasing number of individuals are discovering exactly how much quality Murphy beds in NYC can do to improve their everyday life. We at Murphy Bed Express know just how much you must value your space. The cost of rent in New York City is rising astronomically, and it’s getting harder and harder to afford larger spaces. Folding up into cabinets, wall beds may be of great help in this respect as a way of helping you maximize limited space. Any room in your apartment or home can now double as a bedroom, even a guest bedroom. This is becoming particularly popular among college students who have to make the most of exceptionally limited dorm space. But in an area like NYC, having a wall bed can help anyone by helping you maximize every square-inch of your apartment or house. If you’re interested in a wall bed in NYC, call the specialists at Murphy Bed Express.

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When you are shopping for Murphy Beds in NYC, you’re going to find a wide variety of options at Murphy Bed Express that will be certain to satisfy your needs. We provide beds in various sizes that provide a wide range of additional useful alternatives. Several examples are wall units with upper storage or even interior lights. It doesn’t matter how big or small your room is or what kind of decor you have. Just take a look at the products we have to offer and you will be sure to find something which will match it. You can use your own mattress that you already have, as long as it is no thicker than 11 inches, or you can check out our available selection of mattresses which will already be guaranteed to work with your new Murphy bed. When you’re searching for a Murphy bed supplier in NYC or the rest of New York City or the tri state area, visit Murphy Bed Express and make a choice you won’t regret.

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Those shopping for Murphy beds in NYC have found that Murphy Bed Express is a name they are able to rely on. In regards to supplying excellent products and customer service, we have a long standing reputation in the local area. Our showroom is located in NYC’s Historic Chelsea section. Our manufacturing facilities are located in NY. Nothing makes us happier than serving the local community in a way which will provide improvements to people’s everyday lives as well as their ability to save money by saving space. With a ten year limited warranty on the mechanism and a two year limited warranty on the cabinet, you’d be hard pressed to find a warranty from other Murphy bed suppliers like the one we offer. It is important to buy from a supplier you are able to trust so that your wall bed is going to be sure to last for years to come. This is the reason if you are searching for a wall bed in NYC you owe it to yourself to make your first stop Murphy Bed Express.

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In case you are interested in taking advantage of everything a wall bed in NYC has to offer, there’s no reason to hesitate. All you need to do is get in touch with (212)-675-5893 to schedule an appointment with one of our design experts or visit the Murphy Bed Express showroom at 170 Eighth Avenue between 18th and 19th Streets in NYC. We’re confident that you aren’t going to regret your decision. Start making the most of your space by buying a Murphy bed in NYC.

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