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New Yorkers are taking advantage of the wall bed in NYC as a great means of making the most of limited space. Wherever you live, making the most of your space can be a concern, but in NYC the dilemma is very critical. In regions of NYC such as Manhattan NY and Brooklyn NY, rent per square foot is astronomically high and only continues to increase. Micro dwellings are growing in popularity as a result. In contrast to spending more money on a bigger space, residents are finding it possible to make a smaller space work, thereby saving cash, with assistance from the wall bed. If you’re shopping for Murphy beds in NYC, visit Murphy Bed Express.

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If you’re looking for a recommended Murphy store in New York City, Murphy Bed Express is the only place you have to go. Our design headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in New York City and we are a family owned local business. We have had more than two decades in the furniture industry, supplying us with the expertise which will help you make the most out of your living space. Our expertise serving the needs of our customers has taught us it’s essential to have a bed which looks great in addition to it being merely practical. You’ll find that our selection can match the decor of any room you are considering and we are in a position to offer you custom solutions to achieve this. It doesn’t matter if you own your own home or you’re a student going to college – our broad variety of wall beds is sure to fit your needs. Visit Murphy Bed Express today to check out our selection in the event that you want a wall bed in New York City.

Wall Beds NYC

Regardless of what walk of life you come from, a wall bed in New York City is a popular option among many people. Because of their ability to make the most out of a small area, Murphy beds are a popular choice among college students. Having one means that you can utilize your space to study throughout the day and sleep comfortably at night. You’re also going to find that wall beds are ideal for a large selection of uses beyond dorms and apartments, too. Do you own your own home want to make a room serve multiple purposes? This is a fantastic means of doing so. Depending on your needs a room is able to function as a guest room or an office. Finding something which matches your decor and your purpose will be easy at Murphy Bed Express thanks to the large selection of options available. If you’re shopping for wall beds in New York City to make the most of your space, stop by Murphy Bed Express right away and let us help.

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The wall bed in New York City has become something of a tradition. It was invented by Dr. William Murphy in 1900, hence the name. In the Depression years it grew in popularity as a great way to maximize the space in your apartment. Today innumerable NYC residents count on the Murphy bed to assist them in conserving space, and it only continues to grow in popularity. Give us a call today at Murphy Bed Express when you are interested in wall beds in NYC.

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When you’re shopping for wall beds in NYC, consider the fact that you will receive a 2 year warranty on the cabinetry together with a 10 year guarantee on the bed’s actual mechanism if you shop with us. Top quality woods, finishes, and other materials are used to make the final product. There’s no need to go anywhere else when you are trying to find a Murphy supplier in New York City you may rely on.

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